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Having the highest FPS count while playing Escape from Tarkov is a key element for the best competitive experience possible. This game has several settings that you can adjust in order to get the best performance for your setup. However, knowing what options and values to select can be a bit confusing.

IGN’s guide will give you some tips about how you should adjust your game settings in Escape from Tarkov. Below you can find the shortcuts to the recommended system settings and each category.

  • Recommended PC Settings
  • Game Settings
  • Graphic Settings
  • PostFX
  • Sound
  • Controls


The Best Settings in Escape From Tarkov

There are five categories of settings that you can tune up or down to see changes in your experience. They are divided into Game, Graphics, PostFX, Sound, and Controls.

However, before jumping into any of them, you should know how powerful your CPU needs to be to run Escape from Tarkov without many issues.

Recommended PC Settings

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5, i7 3.2 GHz or AMD FX, Athlon 3.6 GHz.
  • GPU: DX11 compatible with 2 GB or more VRAM.
  • RAM: 16 GB.
  • Space in Disk: 20GB.

With that out of the way, below you can check the different categories of settings available in the game at length. Each of them will have a table or text showing the best options you can choose.

Game Settings

SettingRecommended OptionExtra Info/Tips
Quick SlotsAutohideIt shows your hotkeys equipment. Put it in "Autohide" if you want a cinematic experience, leave it on if you want to have useful info at all times.
Stamina And StanceAutohideIt shows your stats bar in the bottom left corner of the screen. Put it in "Autohide" if you want a cinematic experience, leave it on if you want to have useful info at all times.
Health ConditionAutohideIt shows your health in the top left corner of the screen. Put it in "Autohide" if you want a cinematic experience, leave it on if you want to have useful info at all times.
Health Color SchemeMonochromeChange it if you don't want to have your body diagram grey as the default color.
Highlight Available OperationsEverythingIt will highlight what attachments, ammo, and magazines you can insert into a weapon as you drag them. It also shows if a backpack or rig has space.
Notification Channel TypeDefault-
Automatic RAM CleanerOffLeave it on only if you have 8GB RAM or less.
Only Use Physical CoresOffIf you have an Intel processor, put this on.
FOVBetween 50 and 65.Up to your taste. It will increase or decrease how much you see on screen.
Head Bobbing0.2This should be put at the lowest because it's an effect that can generate a certain feeling of "realism" (it reflects how your head moves while walking/sprinting), but it tends to be uncomfortable for most players.
Malfunction NotificationsOn-
Preload HideoutOffYour Hideout usually takes some seconds to load when you enter it. With this option, it will be more automatic, but at the expense of RAM.

Graphic Settings

SettingRecommended OptionExtra Info/Tips
Screen ResolutionAt least 1920x1080.It depends on your CPU, but you should at least play in 1080p.
Aspect Ratio16:9It depends on your screen.
Screen ModeBorderless-
VSyncOffPut this on only if you want unlimited FPS. But for this to work, you'll have to turn off your VSync internal option in your OS.
Texture QualityHigh (or less)If you have an according CPU, you can leave this in High to appreciate the game's beauty. If you need more FPS, turn it down.
Shadows QualityLowIt's better to have this option in low as shadows tend to drop your FPS considerably.
Object LOD Quality2You'll see fewer objects on the screen at medium and long distances, like buildings and trees. However, you'll gain in performance and the enemies will always show up.
Overall VisibilityBetween 400 and 1000
Similar to the previous one, it affects how many things you see in the background of the map.
Anti-aliasingTAAUnless you have a lower CPU than the one recommended, use this option for a better image quality.
Resampling1x Off-
NVIDIA DLSSOffUnless you have a high-end CPU and Nvidia GPU, leave this off.
AMD FSR 1.0OffUnless you have a high-end CPU and AMD GPU, leave this off.
HBAOOffAmbient occlusion is a nice effect, but it uses too many resources.
SSROffIf you have more than the recommended specs, put this on. It affects the reflections in-game.
Anisotropic FilteringOff-
The six boxesAll Off except High-quality colorThe rest of the options don't give much relevant visual improvement considering how many resources they cost.



These options will basically alter the color and illumination of the game. This is highly personal and you should experiment if you want to use it or not. It's recommended to have high values when playing in smaller maps, like Factory or The Lab because it will let you notice enemies much faster.

However, you should avoid using any of them in open-air levels like Woods or Customs because the mix of colors in forests and such won't give you any advantage.


SettingRecommended OptionExtra Info/Tips
Overall Volume100You need to hear as much as possible while in a Raid. You can also adjust your sound systems in your OS to help with this.
Interface Volume20-30You need to hear these sounds, but at a much lower volume than the default value.
Chat Volume10If you're playing with friends, it's recommended to turn it off and use another platform for voice chat.
Music Volume10 or OffIt all depends on if you like the menu's theme. It won't affect you in a Raid.
Hideout Volume10 or OffSame as above, but while using the Hideout.


You can change every key command here and assign your preferred combination of kills to any action. Plus, you can adjust your mouse sensitivity, which should be at low values, but test it for yourself.

Regarding the commands, the only good tip that you should know has to do with the Reload and the Emergency Weapon Reload. The latter is the fastest one, and it drops your current magazine to the floor. However, you can make your standard Reload faster by changing the key assigned to the Emergency one.

The reason behind this is that the game will wait for a second or two after you pressed R to see if you'll press it again to do the Emergency Reload. By assigning another key or key combination, you'll skip this verification.

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