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My heart clenched tightly and I could hardly breath.I held my chest, trying desperately to quell the suffocating feeling.

I wanted to say something to stop them, butmy throat had been stuffed with cotton, sucking up every ounce of moisture. I could not get any words out and could only watch them with tears streaming down my face.

“A...Alan...Harder!I feel so good. Ah! f*ck me harder!” Vanessa keptmoaning, kissing Alan's neck. “Darling, tell me, do you love me?”

“Of course!” Alan answered without anyhesitation. He was so indulging their sexual proclivities that he had not even noticed my presence.

That was not sense...He should have detectedmy scentas my mate!

“If you had to pick between me and Chloe, who would you choose?” Vanessa asked in a sweet voice, her chin resting on Alan’s shoulder as she panted.

At the same time, she cast me a smug, provocative look.

She had already noticed my presence.

Ruined my only hopewas her ultimate motive.

“You, of course you. I love you the most.” With that, Alanstiffened as he let out a low groan. Vanessa looked intoxicated at that moment.

Alan pulled out of Vanessa, he rested his forehead on Vanessa’s and said, “You’re much sexier and prettierthan Chloe.She isprudishnessand weak.You’re so much more capable than she is.I’ve always hoped that we could grow together and end up as mates.”

He called me a prude. I neverknow that he held such a low opinion of me.

How fake his love!

My legs felt weak but I forced myself to stand up and kept staring at them.

“Then why don’t you reject her?” Vanessa kissed Alan’s shoulder softly.

“Well, she’s the Alpha’s eldest daughter. It’s not as easy as you think,” Alan said, holding Vanessa’s chinand kissed her hot lips.

“It won’t be a problem now, Alan. My father askedChloe and meto exchange mates. Her status won’t matter anymore.”

Alan looked taken aback,“Really?”

“Why? Aren’t you glad?” Vanessa asked.

Alan remained silent for a few moments. He lowered his head to kiss Vanessa,“I can't tell you how happy I am.”

Hearing that, my stomach heaved, and I nearly threw up from the disgustas ifsomeone had punched me in the gut.

Damn it! Ishould just rush up to Alanand slap him hard, but I held back my temper.

It was so pathetic that I didn’t haveenough courage to confront him. All I could do was remain rooted in the spot and torture myself further as my gaze was on them .

Vanessalooked in my direction again and raised her lips to mock me. Seeing my gloomy expression, she shrieked.

“f*ck, it’s Chloe!” She acted like she had just noticed me. She hurriedly backed away from Alan to seek out her clothes.

I didn’t have mood to sneerher terrible acting. My eyes clouded with tears and I wiped them hard, then fixed my gaze on the man.

Alanseemed to stiffen for a short moment.But he was quick to calm downand avoid my gaze. He reached for the bathrobe lying on the floor and put it on slowly.

His indifferent look made me sick.

“Explain?” I askedin a brusque tone. Even though I knew how stupid this question was, I still harboreda glimmer of hope.

Maybe...he was forced to betray me. It should beVanessa’s trick, Shethreatened him.

I still kept staring at him but he gave me the stoniest look I ever got.

“You have saw it. I don’t think I have to explain anything to you.”He said ruthlessly and my heart shrunk again.

“Nothing to say?” I staggered backwardin disbelief. “If that’s the case, why did you pretend to like me? Why didn’t you reject me right away?” I cried bitterly, feeling as if a dagger had stabbed myheart.

Alan frownedand glared at me. Hestunned for a moment before taking a few steps towards me.

“Chloe, I...”

“Alan, since Chloehas found outour relationship, we should just come clean,” Vanessa interrupted Alanwith all dressed. She hugged his armand her eyes was red.

“Chloe, it’s all my fault. I know that I shouldn’t have fallen for Alan.” Vanessa looked at me as she cried. “But I couldn’t control my feelings. I love Alan! Chloe, you’re my elder sister, you... you will forgive me and give us your blessing, right?”

“You want my blessing?” I retortedand was tremblingwith anger. I still held on hope that Alan would say something to save me from despair.

But he didn’t!

He just remained silentand looked at me impassively.

“Alan, it’s done. Just reject Chloe and get it over with.” Vanessa shook Alan’s arm, begging him pitifully.

I held my breath as I looked at Alan. My heartbeat began to quicken.

His head was lowered, and I couldn’t see his look.And his silent panicked me and I felt alarmed as he raised his head.


Don’t reject me. Alan!

You’re all I have left…

Are you really going to toss me out like nothing?

Don’t be so cruel!

I thought to myselfand folded my hands nervously, tarrying for his answer and... a miracle.

However, the Moon Goddessdidn’t favorme, I was the outcast again.

Alan’ssteelyvoice rang out above my head,“I, Alan Meyer, Sentinel of the Red Moon Pack, officially reject Chloe Baker as my mate!”

As the last word fell, a sharp pain hit me, and I had to steadied myself against the wall.

I sucked in a breath and stroked awaymytearsagain. I gritted my teeth, reminding myself to stay strong.

I looked up at them in front of me. Alan was expressionless, and Vanessa was smirking out of his sight.

They were truly despicable!

I couldn’tshed tears in front of them!

“Fine!Alan, I accept your rejection. From now on, we won’t have anything to do with each other,” I said, enduring the painfrom the broken of mate bond.

WithAlan’s pained howl,I spun on my heel and walked awaydisappointed.As he wished, we were both free from the mate bond.

Let it be.

Ive had enough!

I wandered by myself along the corridor. The wall lamps came on one after another upon detecting my presence, then went out accordingly as I passed.

Perhaps the lights was the symbol of my life. No matter how much hope I hold onto, it will always come to nothing in the end, such as my mother’s death after giving birth to me, my father’s hatred for me, the pack treated me coldly, and Alan’s betray.

They give me hope and then smash it.Thinking back, I would have rather they never gave me any hope.

“Hey, careful!” A sudden low voicecamefrom abovemy head.

I was dim and it turned out that I had accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” I said with my head lowandwalked around that manto leave.

I ran into my roomin terror and laid on my bed.

I tried to cry, but all my tears seemed to have dried up. I wanted to scream, yet it felt like there was something stuck in my throat.

The pain was unspeakable and as if I was living in a world of darkness. There was nothing to keep me tethered.

I looked up at the ceiling and thought blankly, “What’s the point of living?”

I did not know the answer but I knew it very well that I was tired of this world.

My gaze fell onto the small bottle of pills by the windowsill. The pills would kill me, even though I was invulnerable to all poisons.

Our pack madethe poison for a living. But my blood was speciallikean antidote, which was why I had become Vanessa’s personal blood bank.

Knowing that I wasa weak wolf, my father justasked me to take good care of myself so that I could supply Vanessa with my blood when she needed.

I had to slit my wrists, leaving ugly scars on my smooth skin.

But now I no longer cared to win my father’s love anymore…

I took slow steps toward the window and took somepills. Perhaps itwas my only way to get free.

“What the f*ck are you doing?”Just as I was about to swallow the pills, someone kicked my door open.

“Damn! Youcan’tdie without my permission!” Vanessa threw the pills of my hand.

I looked at her in shock. She grabbedmy wrist, “Wanna die? No way!I still have some important tasks for you to complete. Come with me!”

A crafty look came to her eyes and sheforcefully tugged me out of theroom.

Fated For Lycan's Luna - Chapter 3 Novel & PDF Online by Fanny Brook | Read Werewolf Stories by Chapter & Episode for Free (2024)


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