For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (2024)

With a profile of 3.1 million followers on TikTok, an activity as Global Ambassador for Pandora and a very well-groomed image, when Cecilia Cantarano tells us in all sincerity: 'My path on TikTok started as a joke: I wanted to prove to a friend of mine that I was better than her, that I could do good numbers too' we burst out laughing with her. This is because in addition to her personality made for being in front of the camera, the young content creator - this is how she prefers to be defined - is really nice and able to put anyone at ease, she has created a following by sharing funny videos, mostly with a comedy theme and often in the company of her mother, which represent her sentiment and that of her peers, average TikTok users, looking for entertainment and faces with whom they can empathise.

After three years on the platform that dictates the pace of content today and makes brands expand their horizons, Cecilia has realised that the trick is to be consistent, to post content that you like in the first place and that there is no exact science to success:

"It's a Rubik's cube. Every time I think I have it figured out, it changes. It's really complex to try to satisfy it. Persevering works, always. There are always periods of drops in views or limited visibility. The trick today is to be consistent, with time then the algorithm adjusts and the wheels start turning again.


spero sia tutto chiaro , semmai chiedete

suono originale - Cecilia Cantarano

spero sia tutto chiaro , semmai chiedete

suono originale - Cecilia Cantarano

Despite the common difficulty of understanding the technicalities of the platform, it is immediate that the real "trick" that has allowed Cecilia to nurture her notoriety is the relationship with her community, which resembles her and makes her feel welcome:

"I really like the people who follow me, I could potentially open a profile with the messages they write to me, they could blow more minds than me."

The bond is not only one of mutual esteem and friendship, but also one of gratitude, especially since behind a screen it is very easy not to realise that the numbers on social, are made up of people. Her stimulating life, always on the move between trains, allows the content creator to really see the faces of people who recognise and greet her, as if they know her.

"Even older people recognise me that I would never have expected, and this adds to the many other reasons why I love Rome, I love everyone, I always feel at home. My life since I started being successful on social media has changed so much that I can't say what I would be doing now if I hadn't embarked on this path."

Thanks to TikTok Cecilia has landed in the world of music with 3 singles released since 2019, projects that she calls her first steps in an environment that fascinates her. Her favourite singers are Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Meyer and Ed Sheeran, and she did not want to reveal anything about her future musical projects, while instead saying she is fascinated by the combination of fashion and music:

"Fashion is another way to express oneself parallel to music and it is fascinating how through aesthetics a musician manages to build a persona and convey his personality beyond the words he writes or what he plays."

The image of an artist and the true essence of the person behind the persona are common concepts in the world of celebrities, walls that Cecilia was able to break down with her experience as a Pandora Global Ambassador, which saw her starring alongside international music and entertainment talent such as Charli XCX, Addison Rae, Beabadoobee and Donté Colley in the new Pandora ME collections, whose second Festival-themed instalment has just arrived in shops.

"It was wonderful to discover that the artists are actually exquisite people. I speak especially for Charli XCX, a true icon. They were all extremely nice to me, a good atmosphere was established and I am very grateful for that. I had the honour of working with a team that always made me feel at ease, and in Mexico at the end of the shoot for the Pandora SS22 campaign we all hugged each other, it was a really nice moment and moreover the collection is extremely beautiful, my favorite piece is the "Goals" ring".

For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (1)

For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (2)

For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (3)

For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (4)

Cecilia's achievements, which have only recently started to be many, are becoming more and more engaging. Even she didn't want to disclose nothing about her upcoming top-secret projects, her Instagram bio that says 'I can't take myself too seriously', is a programme. The path that the content creator sees clearly before her eyes is in the world of professional entertainment:

"I would love to enter the world of theatre and acting, I'm studying and working hard to build a solid foundation that I can then spend in the field."

Grateful, happy, energetic and always radiant, Cecilia is a promising talent reflecting a generation that has had the opportunity to convert a passion into a job at an early age, making the difference between duty and pleasure increasingly blurred but maintaining a distinct professionalism that will materialise, experience after experience, in an increasingly multifaceted personality that is aware of the possibilities in today's digital world, because "You just have to love what you do and give yourself an opportunity. If you have to do something in life, why not do what you love?".

For Cecilia Cantarano the party has just started (2024)


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