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  • 1 Welcome
  • 2 Steps to Get Playing
    • 2.1 0. Don't Break the Rules
    • 2.2 1. Get the Game
    • 2.3 2. Install It
    • 2.4 3. Patch Your Software With Project 1999
    • 2.5 4. Create a Shortcut
    • 2.6 5. Create a Forum/EQ Emulator/Login Server Account
    • 2.7 6. Play EverQuest
  • 3 Technical Issues
  • 4 Learning More
  • 5 What if I See Something That is Wrong?


Welcome to Project 1999, the most popular and successful emulated EverQuest server ever created. Project 1999 emulates EverQuest from 1999-2001 (ie. the core game plus the Kunark and Velious expansions) as faithfully as possible.

This wiki contains tons of information, but what you're probably looking to do is get started. This page will walk you through the process.

NOTE: This is a community-made guide; there is also an official server Getting Started Guide. While this version is more "friendly", it is not maintained by the staff.

Steps to Get Playing

To get started playing on Project 1999 you should follow these steps:

0. Don't Break the Rules

Before you actually play on Project 1999 you should at least skim (and preferably read) the server's Play Nice Policies, because you don't want to level your new character up only to have them banned. This can give you something to do during the install/patch process.

These rules are similar to the original EverQuest Play Nice Policies, but are also different because Project 1999 is not a paid product. It is staffed entirely by nice people who volunteer their time to help players like you experience EverQuest, and the rules reflect this difference.

1. Get the Game

To play on Project 1999 you must have the Titanium Edition client and not any other version of EverQuest. This version is no longer available for retail purchase, but can still be found. See Acquiring The EverQuest Client for assistance.

2. Install It

While this is relatively self-explanatory, the Everquest Titanium Installation Guide explains all the details, including how to use the free Daemon Tools software to make your computer treat virtual discs as physical ones (needed by those who download their copy of Titanium)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT patch after the installation is finished! If you do you will have to reinstall.

Optional: Create a Back-up of Your Installation FilesAfter setting up your game the way you like it, copy the contents of your Project 1999 EQ directory to a new directory and name it "Backup" or something similar. If you encounter a problem that requires a reinstallation, simply copy and paste the backup directory's files. This prevents you from having to reinstall everything from scratch.

3. Patch Your Software With Project 1999

See the instruction on How to Patch your new Titanium client with the Project 1999 patch files.

4. Create a Shortcut

You can't simply double-click on the game to start it, because that would trigger the normal patch process. Instead, you need to run the command eqgame.exe patchme.

The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. Create a shortcut for "eqgame.exe" (eg. by right-clicking on it and choosing the shortcut option)
  2. Right-click on that shortcut, choose properties, and replace the target with the full path to eqgame.exe, followed by " patchme", as shown below:

5. Create a Forum/EQ Emulator/Login Server Account

To create a free accounts simply visit

Note that you are allowed to have multiple accounts on Project 1999 (so that you can have more than eight characters), but you can never play more than one account a time (see the Play Nice Policies).

6. Play EverQuest

Now it's time for all of the above to pay off:

  1. Open the game using your shortcut
  2. Enter your newly-created account details
  3. Select the appropriate server ("Project 1999: Blue", "Project 1999: Green", or "Project 1999: Red")
  4. Create a character
  5. Start playing!

The Newbie Guide has advice on how to choose a race and class, on how to optimize your character's starting stats, as well as lots of other helpful information.

Technical Issues

If you have any problems see the Tech Support pages or the Technical Forum in the Project 1999 Forums

Learning More

The front page of the wiki contains links to many various useful pages, so it is recommended that you start there. You should read or at least skim on the class page for whichever class you plan to play, or if you're not sure which class you want, read several.

You'll also want to explore the various Player Guides. If you're completely new to EverQuest you will likely find the Newbie Guide to be especially helpful.

There are also guides for many of the starting cities. These will tell you where important NPCs (eg. the banker) can be found, what items you should save (for quests), etc.

What if I See Something That is Wrong?

Create a wiki account and fix it! This entire wiki is 100% a player effort, so the only way that it can improve is with your help. The only requirement to edit is that you be be thoughtful, respectful, and do your best to make the wiki better for everyone with your changes!

Getting Started - Project 1999 Wiki (2024)


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