Lifetalent Healthstream Lifepoint (2024)

1. LifeTalent - Welcome to HealthStream

  • Please note that after 5 unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked out for 30 minutes. If you have forgotten your password, ...

2. Sign In Instructions - Welcome to HealthStream

  • Welcome to LifeCare's Online Training! Logging In: Your User ID is first letter of first name, first letter of last name + badge # (IF you have a 4 digit ...

  • Welcome to LifeCare’s Online Training!  

3. Sign In Instructions - Welcome to HealthStream

  • Login Instructions Welcome to the HealthStream Learning Center for Lifepoint Legacy Springstone. To login to Healthstream, click on the link below.

4. Sign In - Welcome to HealthStream

  • Sign In Instructions. hStream ID provides more security and allows you to tie multiple accounts together. OK. User ID. Password Please enter a password.

5. Lifepoint Health

6. [PDF] LifeTalent/HealthStream Educational Website: Login Walkthrough MMC ...

  • We have created customized, online learning modules that are available through out LifeTalent learning center. 3. If you are outside of the MMC network you ...

7. Professional Development | Lifepoint Health

  • Our online LifeTalent Center and other programs give employees convenient access to training and educational opportunities that help them achieve professional ...

  • Lifepoint Health provides a diversified healthcare delivery network that includes community hospital campuses, rehabilitation and behavioral health hospitals, acute rehabilitation units, outpatient centers and post-acute care facilities across the United States.

8. Select Your Institution - HealthStream

9. HealthStream - Healthcare Workforce Solutions

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  • Learn why over half of U.S. healthcare organizations have chosen HealthStream as their partner for improving clinical and business outcomes.

10. UP Health System

  • Portage · Emergency Services · Careers · Pay My Hospital Bill

  • UP Health System combines the experience and services of two historic community hospitals, Bell and Portage, with the tertiary care of Marquette, a Duke LifePoint hospital, to provide exceptional healthcare and value to those we serve.

11. Students & Contract Affiliates - Memorial Medical Center

  • For greater details, please review the link above. Step 3: Complete Online Orientation. Education Login Portal: LifeTalent Center; Most Current Version: MMC ...

  • Learn more about students and contract affiliates and how to request a student rotation at Memorial Medical Center.

12. Haywood Regional Medical Center

  • and includes 11 multi-specialty physician clinics. The campus, located in Clyde, is also home to the 54,000 square foot Haywood Regional Health and Fitness ...

13. Conemaugh Health System

  • Conemaugh Health System, of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, is the largest healthcare provider in west central Pennsylvania ... Physician Orders for Life ...

  • Conemaugh Health System, of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, is the largest healthcare provider in west central Pennsylvania.

Lifetalent Healthstream Lifepoint (2024)


How do I Login to HealthStream? ›

Open Internet Explorer and type the web address (also called a URL) provided by your administrator (for example: You may have an HLC icon on your PC desktop or your institution's intranet. If so, double-click the HLC icon. The Login page appears.

Can you do healthstreams at home? ›

How do I access HealthStream from home? To access HealthStream from a home network, users can go to the URL provided by the administrator and log in to the HealthStream portal.

How do I contact HealthStream? ›

HealthStream offers Customer Service Support 800-521-0574 or from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST (holidays excluded).

Is LifePoint Health public or private? ›

Is LifePoint Health a private or public company? LifePoint Health is a Private company.

What is my HealthStream ID? ›

Your hStream ID is the account you use to access applications within the HealthStream ecosystem, like the new Resuscitation Skills mobile app. It includes the email address, phone number, and password you use to sign in and stores your security and contact details.

How to unlock HealthStream account? ›

The account will lock after five(5) failed log in attempts. The locked account will automatically unlock after 5 minutes. Every 90 days you will be prompted to change your HealthStream password.

Does HealthStream have an app? ›

HealthStream, Inc Apps on the App Store.

What is HealthStream used for? ›

HealthStream's modern, customizable healthcare learning management system allows you to strategically manage and continuously develop your staff towards better patient care.

What is a HealthStream learning center? ›

HealthStream Learning Center is a web-based learning management platform designed to help healthcare organizations create, organize, and manage regulatory compliance training for the workforce. Features include course library, data import, reporting, class roster, and data encryption.

How do I reset my HealthStream password? ›

On the login screen, click on “Forgot your password?” b. Follow the prompts Page 2 Use your User ID (badge number) or Dameron email address: If you are using WebMail to access your email, you will need to Copy the password reset web address (highlighted lines) and Paste it into your browser address bar.

How do I add a test to HealthStream? ›

Adding a Test
  1. Search for the course to which you want to add a test. See Searching for a Course for details on conducting a course search. ...
  2. Click Add a Test. The Common Properties page appears.
  3. Enter the common properties. (See Adding a Learning Activity.)
  4. Click Save. The test editing page appears.

How do I add a course to HealthStream? ›

Adding a Course
  1. On the Courses tab, click Add a Course. The Add a Course page appears.
  2. In the Course Title box, enter the title of the course.

Who bought out LifePoint? ›

In 2015, LifePoint Hospitals Inc. changed its name to LifePoint Health. In 2018, LifePoint was acquired by private equity firm Apollo Global Management and merged with RCCH Healthcare Partners, which had formed from a merger a few years prior between Capella Health and RegionalCare Hospital Partners.

What is the new brand of LifePoint? ›

Brentwood, Tenn. -based Lifepoint Health has launched a new heart-shaped logo and renamed its behavioral health and rehabilitation sectors to Lifepoint Rehabilitation and Lifepoint Behavioral Health. The health system is also going with a lowercase "p" in Lifepoint.

Where is LifePoint headquartered? ›

Does HealthStream have a mobile app? ›

HealthStream has been dedicated to healthcare for 30+ years. Our unequaled focus on innovation and user experience is why nurses and staff love our apps and why hospitals trust us to help them fill open shifts more cost-effectively and efficiently.

How do I add a student to HealthStream? ›

Students can be added to your HLC automatically via your regularly-scheduled data import or manually by an administrator. If you have questions about data import, contact your HLC support service. On the People tab, click Add a Student. The Add a Student page appears.


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